How it works

I really enjoy reading books and listening to audio books and wanted to be able to share my thoughts with others. Because I read so many books and listen to so many audio books, I have found that I really enjoy finding books on Amazon that I can get both the book and audio book version for under $10/ £7.


When I write a review, I will write about the story, and if I listened to the audio book , I will also comment on the narration and listening time. The photo will always be a link to the kindle book which is tied to my amazon affiliate account and if I listened to the audio book I will include a link to that as well. I do not currently write spoilers in my reviews so don’t worry you can read the whole thing!


Books are given a general rating of “Geralds” 0 Geralds is the worst and 5 Geralds is the best. This does not mean the book would be recommended to everyone, as it might not be in the genre one would prefer, but it is more of my personal overall impression.