Gener8ads Review – legit

Gener8ads (Yes, I have cashed in my tokens for an amazon gift card)

I created this website because I love reading and want to be able to help others find cheap books that they will enjoy. I don’t really want to put ads all over the site because who likes ads? Well I might have found what makes me like ads.

Well, I recently found a google and firefox extension that is about ads that I think seems kind of promising. It’s called gener8ads and what it does is it blocks all of the ads on websites, and replaces them with pictures like pugs or giraffes.

Every time a user sees these blocked ads that have been replaced with images they get tokens which can in some places be used to buy things from their marketplace. They don’t plan to actually show ads until they have over 50,000 users and currently have about 25,000.

Once they do start showing ads basically what their product does is changes the ads shown to things you said you want to see. Maybe you only want to see ads about books? In theory, once they do actually start replacing their pugs and giraffes with ads you would then only see ads about books and you would earn tokens for them which might just get you a book for free!

If you are interested in earning tokens / rewards for ads you see you can check Gener8ads here: Gener8ads

Update 3 September 2019

So I actually was able to cash in some of my tokens today in the Gener8ads marketplace! They had some £5.00 Amazon Gift Cards and I was able to cash in 50.00 tokens for one. That was pretty exciting!