Happy New Year!

I can’t believe that it is already 2020. I had so many books to write about and I didn’t finish writing about any of them. Since I finished reading Valentina by S.E. Lynes, I’ve read The Friend by Teresa Driscoll, 29 Seconds by T. M. Logan, The Promise by Teresa […]

More reviews coming next week

Usually I am quick to review a book after reading it but I have been reading so much lately that I’m quite behind. I’ve finished about eight books since I posted my last review. What I’ve learned from this, waiting to post, is that a lot of the books I […]

Daily Rant

Control I’m getting fat again and this makes me so annoyed I can’t focus. I wish I was dead again so that’s pretty great too. I think they must go hand in hand, being annoyed about my weight when I feel down. It must be something to do with control. […]