More reviews coming next week

Usually I am quick to review a book after reading it but I have been reading so much lately that I’m quite behind. I’ve finished about eight books since I posted my last review. What I’ve learned from this, waiting to post, is that a lot of the books I have been reading are really similar. I think with a good book I should be able to remember exactly who the characters were and what the plot was. Unfortunately, I’m getting my plots and characters mixed up at first though. Maybe that doesn’t happen to other people and I know it doesn’t happen when I read a very large book over a length of time but it’s happened to me now so I need to go back over a few to make sure I can write what I actually think about each book.

I suppose part of the problem with getting the story lines tangled up may be to do with the fact that I went to London and back four times in the span of a week and to Dublin, meaning I had so much time that if I wasn’t reading, I was listening on audible, and I was starting and finishing a book in a day.

After going to Malta I got pretty into crochet and religiously walking my dogs twice a day. That means I’ve been having an extra forty to sixty minutes of audible time from walking the dogs, and about twenty extra minutes during crochet that I am listening to the stories. (Seriously the books are piling up)

Next week though, I plan to get a few reviews up on the books that I have read, including the one I am currently reading called I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll.

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