by K.L. Slater

Audiobook Link: Liar


I absolutely LOVED this book by K.L. Slater and it is certainly the favourite by her that I have read so far. I could not stop listening to the audiobook and finished it in about two days. I know a book was good when it leaves a lasting impression and this one certainly did.

As K.L. Slater has a tendency to do, she threw my mind all over the place. My mind just went wild with the amount of bends it took. It was an emotional rollercoaster for sure. 

I hadn’t read the summary prior to buying the book and audiobook but I was quite instantly sucked in.


The story is about a family and involves multiple generations. There is a woman named Judi who is the mother of Ben. Ben is a widow with two children. Judi had another son named David but he had died many years prior. Judi plays a big part in her grandchildren’s life but that all changes when Amber shows up.

Amber is a woman who Ben fancies and soon the struggle between Judi and Amber takes center stage. Amber seems to be a great woman in the eyes of Ben and Judi’s husband, and Judi quickly starts needing to fight to keep her husband and Ben on her side. So many things happen that just don’t make sense, and Judi does not trust Amber, but will anyone else see it?

While listening to the audiobook and reading I was constantly trying to figure it all out, whose side should I be on? As with other K.L. Slater books there were so many twists and turns I honestly never would have guessed where it was going. I also enjoyed that the story was told from not only inside the mind of Judi, but also Amber.  I quite liked the end as the different characters’ stories really came full circle. 

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